What's all the Hugger Mugger about?

Hugger Mugger Brewing celebrates the secretive in a city where masonic symbols are written right onto the architecture.  Come enjoy one of our finely crafted beers in our spacious beer hall and try your hand at unraveling the meaning behind the symbols on the tapestries adorning the walls.   

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A Peek Behind the Curtain


Hugger Mugger means secretive or hidden and is one of hundreds of words coined by Shakespeare.  This concept is a perfect match for a City with noted masonic influence.  Hugger Mugger Brewing celebrates the secretive whether it be through our skull & bones logo imagery or through the symbol-laden tapestries adorning the walls of the beer hall.

The least secretive aspect of Hugger Mugger Brewing is owners David McComas & Tim Emmert.  David & Tim's passion for craft beer is expressed through a broad repertoire of craft beer styles for an audience of diverse palettes.  The brewery building is designed to accommodate large crowds and includes a beer hall with a front bar of 20 taps and a back bar (under development) of an additional 10 taps.  The back bar is being developed to service an outdoor beer garden which should be constructed by May 2018.

Hugger Mugger's beer hall is a family friendly & kid friendly environment.  While we love dogs the only furry friends allowed in the building by law are licensed and tagged service animals.

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