Our Team


David & Tim

The first meeting of these two owner/brewers (br-owners?) was held under an old Masonic poster in the dark of a dark bar.  Sharing a similar vision for concept, beer program & the role of brewery in community David & Tim forged ahead with starting a brewery in the coolest downtown noone knows about (yet) in North Carolina. David brings extensive experience in brewing and hospitality to deliver a diverse and delicious array of beers on draft in the taproom. Tim is a hard headed reverse Pollyanna who loves to be told something cannot be done.



Mike is best known as the subject of Albrecht Durer's "Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight Years Old Wearing a Coat with Fur Collar". While Mike considers his involvement with this work to be his greatest achievement we think his work behind the bar to be even better.



Who moved your cheese? Shelby knows. She also knows about puppy dogs and how to prioritize the consumption of Christmas cookies. Just give her a chance to pair a beer and cheese for you!



Her official title is Lady of the Dance but Dorrie gladly trades in her royal title for slinging suds among the commoners. When not dancing from tap to bar Dorrie is dreaming of chocolate stouts & farmhouse ales.



If you have a goat to share then Taylor would like a word with you. When she's not hoarding goats Taylor drives the Hugger Mugger delivery van, affectionately named Van Ale-in, across North Carolina in search of taprooms in need of Hugger Mugger beer.



Every time Drew steps into the beer hall he stars as headmaster of Hugworts School of Brewing & Intoxicating Arts. Affectionately known as Drewmbledore he’ll always find the best beer to be Slytherin down your throat!



Allie combines a love of craft beer with a talent for hair styling and knowledge of 90’s hip hop. Few people know this is the trifecta for any suds slinger. Don’t be too shy to ask how your hair is doing!



Joel harbors a secret desire to battle it out mano y mano with Gordan Ramsay & considers his time at Hugger Mugger as training toward that goal. Ask him about his exotic accent & love of sports teams that won’t win another championship in our lifetime.


Nick Taube

Nick loves beer. Anything beer related. You'd think it was just the beer itself but nooooooo. Ask him about the Great London Beer Flood of 1814 or how taxes shaped the course of beer history and Nick has a ready answer. Brace yourself, Nick's about to drop a knowledge bomb on you!



Cydney is affectionately known as “Cyd the Shark” for her shark-like abilities and nose for the kill. While she likely doesn’t have a cartilaginous skeleton she would love to hear your stories of travel to far away places, farther even than Horner Blvd.