Our Team


David & Tim

The first meeting of these two owner/brewers (br-owners?) was held under an old Masonic poster in the dark of a dark bar.  Sharing a similar vision for concept, beer program & the role of brewery in community David & Tim forged ahead with starting a brewery in the coolest downtown noone knows about (yet) in North Carolina. David brings extensive experience in brewing and hospitality to deliver a diverse and delicious array of beers on draft in the taproom. Tim is a hard headed reverse Pollyanna who loves to be told something cannot be done.



Tends bar for the thrill of the hunt. Some background in brewing, rest of background in lifting heavy objects and working with the type of people most likely to use the term "puny human" in a serious and pejorative manner. Ask her about her background in art but do not ask her to draw you like one of her french fries.


Mike Wallace

Mike is best known as the subject of Albrecht Durer's "Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight Years Old Wearing a Coat with Fur Collar". While Mike considers his involvement with this work to be his greatest achievement we think his work behind the bar to be even better.



If you have a goat to share then Taylor would like a word with you. When she's not hoarding goats Taylor drives the Hugger Mugger delivery van, affectionately named Van Ale-in, across North Carolina in search of taprooms in need of Hugger Mugger beer.



Her official title is Lady of the Dance but Dorrie gladly trades in her royal title for slinging suds among the commoners. When not dancing from tap to bar Dorrie is dreaming of chocolate stouts & farmhouse ales.

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Another kitty lover on the staff. She could be considered a bit of a world traveler that is if you consider moving from Louisiana to Pittsburgh to North Carolina a world traveler. She is young but wise beyond her years when it comes to craft beers.



Every time Drew steps into the beer hall he stars as headmaster of Hugworts School of Brewing & Intoxicating Arts. Affectionately known as Drewmbledore he’ll always find the best beer to be Slytherin down your throat!


Mary "May" Shepard

Pink hair don't care! This NOLA showgirl has decided to leave the glamorous life of the stage to get into the glamorous life of independent brewing! Being from New Orleans, you know this girl knows how to party!! Yes....that is one of her two large feather fans she owns. You might catch her with them at the beer hall just for giggles. Once a Queen of Burlesque...always a Queen of Burlesque.


Joel Dubois


Willis Madden

If you ask him what he's talking about he won't find it amusing despite being a part time comic. Willis believes that the next generation of children will be raised in bars and beer halls and hey it's better than sitting them in front of a TV. It's technically out of the house and that's all that really matters at the end of the day. Known to his friends as a funny comic, good dad, and philanthropist. Only two of those are true. But don't tell his friends.